The Story So Far
Out story begins in the prosperous town of Meridad, where the king, King Suidad, put out a request for mercenaries to accompany a royal transport of weapons to Slarnit, a military based city that is three days away. The day before their adventure began, our heroes, Darrius The Alchemist (T1TNW), Wilson Iron-Stomach The Engineer(Lukeirot), Deamon The Archer, and Easlan The Frontiers-man (Both Andrewsdragon), took absolutely no time to get to know each-other and instead took their advance payment and spent it on booze. While Wilson was at the bar drinking, a strange looking man approached him and asked a series of strange questions about the shipment he was transporting. When Wilson proved to be too drunk to answer, the man stormed off, saying something about a girl and a thing. While this happened, Deamon and Easlan stumbled upon a young Pigwomen named Suewie who asked if she could accompainy the transport to Slarnit. The men agreed and told her to meet them at the north game tomorrow morning. Morning came, and the group met at the north gate with two guards and a small dwarven man who would drive the transport. When questioned about the pigwoman, Deamon told the group that she was the “entertainment”, I.E. a prostitute. She quickly denied this and said she just needed to go to Slarnit and that she wasn’t willing to go alone. And with that cleared up, the adventurers set off. The first day was simple, and the group stopped at one of the many inns that line the road between Meridad and the Trinity. During one of the watch shifts, Deamon went out into the woods to go hunting. During this endeavor, Deamon saw the silhouettes of men in the woods.
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